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Agency Dobrý Den

Agency Dobrý Den

The Good Day Agency (in Czech: “Agentura Dobrý den”) from Pelhřimov is in charge of all the records and curiosities in the Czech Republic. The Good Day Agency brings lots of original ideas, administers the Czech Book of Records, the Czech Databank of Records, in the second weekend every June it organises the international festival “Pelhřimov – the City of Records” and dozens of other events in the whole Czech republic.

It also runs two museums (where you are right now) and above all it is in charge of hundreds officially recorded records taking place every year under the supervision of the Good Day Agency commissioners. The area of records and curiosities affects many areas of human activity and maybe even you. Be the best… and let us know.

The “Golden Czech Hands” exposition in the Museum of Records and Curiosities

You are in an exposition, which was created thanks to remarkable skills, effort and enthusiasm and even stubbornness of the Czech people. Sometimes it took only a good idea plus several minutes, hours or days of time to record these things into the Czech Book of Records. Sometimes it took whole years. Apart from the world unique of products made of matches, you can see here also chains carved from spillikins, a functional steam locomotive made of glass, a giant crooked mirror, a two meter calendar, an embroidered map of Europe, a functional microphone and loudspeaker made of stone or the smallest golden cage. Pay attention to the Golden Czech Hands please. Enjoy the charm. In our hasty times it gives you the chance to find peace among the results of patient work and effort of the authors. Our exposition is open to all people. If you know of someone, whose hands are golden too – let us know.

World unique products made of matches

It is unique in the whole world – dozens and dozens of buildings made of glued matches! 40 years of the unique work of a single author – Mr. Tomáš Korda from Vrchlabí was stopped only by death following a severe disease on 8 October 2003. The hobby which grew into a world record represents 63 310 hours of net time! That is 7 years, 2 months and 22 days! When viewing the individual products, imagine yourself holding the first match and having all the work ahead of you … ! Feel the inconceivable hard work, skills and patience of a single man. A Corinth vase: seven and half thousand hours of work net! A golden hind: the ship, which became the victor of the 1974 world championship of model makers in Moscow. Cowboy: the world’s largest picture made of matches. 6 654 hours of work net. If you look carefully, you will also see Jesus Christ in the exposition. The spirit of Tomáš Korda walks among the products. If you happen to meet him, you have managed to stop time. Thanks for your coming and we wish you a Good Day.

Walk through the Czech Book of Records

When the doors of this exposition close behind you, go right along the Bělá River to the Embankment of Records and Curiosities and you will enjoy a one kilometre journey through the Czech Book of Records. The path connecting the Museum of Records and Curiosities with the Golden Czech Hands exposition is lined with info-boards devoted to dozens of records and you will also see a giant letter box, the largest safety-pin and other giant exhibits including three talking Czech Books of Records. The path will take you back to the historic city centre of the City of Records.

Souvenirs from Pelhřimov – the City of Records

When you travel somewhere, you should get there a souvenir as a memory. So you have something, which helps you to recall, what you have seen and experienced… for instance here in the Pelhřimov world of records and curiosities. If you liked it in Pelhřimov, you can buy for example the Czech Book of Records, a film about the festival “Pelhřimov – the City of Records” on DVD, a dancing bottle, an original crooked mirror or just some trifles like a picture post card or a badge, sticker, prospectus or matches with some of the match-made unique exposition images on the cover. Also the PEXESO Memory Game contains 28 images of the records – it is a good game for both adults and kids. When buying any of the souvenirs, you support the Museum of Records and Curiosities. We thank you and wish you a Good Day.

Museum of Records and Curiosities in Pelhřimov

The unique museum mapping the Czech records and curiosities was opened on 30 June 1994 at 10 a.m. All the giant exhibits, miniatures, weird things and masterpieces are a proof, that records are a domain of active entertainment, which is fun not only for the authors, but for the audiences as well. The biggest, smallest, longest, heaviest, fastest, the most strenuous… these are the adjective you meet everywhere at the Lower Gate of the Pelhřimov square.

Exhibits of the Museum of Records and Curiosities

In the Museum of Records and Curiosities you can find exhibits, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world – a functional bicycle made entirely of wood – clothes made of buttons or safety-pins – a three meter long toothbrush – the smallest motorbike in the Central Europe – pyjamas, which 98 people could wear at the same time – a giant painter brush – a giant winter jacket - part of a 158 long winter scarf – statues made of spillikins – paintings on seeds – the smallest book – the smallest teddy bear – a jug with the volume of a third of a water droplet and dozens of others.

International festival PELHŘIMOV – THE CITY OF RECORDS

The festival PELHŘIMOV – THE CITY OF RECORDS: dozens and dozens record attempts in a fast sequence – the best professionals in their branches – strong men-fast eaters-masters of martial arts-handymen-practical jokers and other record makers + unique exposition of curiosities – thousands of visitors. The largest event of its kind in Europe is organised by the Good Day Agency every 2nd weekend in June ever since 1991. Be the best… and let us know.

The Czech Book of Records

Buy the Czech Book of Records to get some inspiration! You do not need to jump from 58 meters, ride a motorbike at 234 km/h on the front wheel only, knit a 158 km long scarf, build a nine meter snowman or bake a two-tonne cake. The only thing you need to do is not to just sit at home in front of your TV. Almost everything, that you find in the Czech Book of Records, is the result of hard work, persistence, patience, skills, talents, good ideas, ambition, good preparation, the ability to take things to their end and last but not least the sense of humour. Be among the best … and let us know.

Be the BEST… and let us know

Dear visitors and future record makers! Welcome in the colourful world of curiosities, records and never before seen situations. True, not everybody can become the head of a state, Olympic games winner, Nobel prize holder or Oscar winner, but in the Czech Databank of Records the Good Day Agency keeps track of all areas of live – including the your one. Because everybody want to excel and show they are THE BEST in something or THE FIRST in something, we will expect your call, message or idea. The website of the Czech Book of Records are open to everyone….

Pelhřimov – the City of Records

The royal city of Pelhřimov has a charming historic look. There is one of the most beautiful squares in Bohemia – with samples of almost all styles of architecture. Do not miss the Museum of Haunting a rich exposition of the Museum of the Vysočina Region (including an ancient city gaol), the Lipský Bros Hall and if you can handle the 143 stairs of the St. Bartholomew church tower, you can view all the beauty from high above. And remember to see the Křemešník hill – with a view tower, a church, a mysterious well, a Calvary, the Lord’s tomb, lots of tourist paths and a hotel – which is only 10 km far away.

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